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Italy: 2014

4. May 2014

Rete Genitori Rainbow (RGR)  the Italian  association of  gay, lesbian, bi and transexual parents with children from previous heterosexual relationships will celebrate IFED promoting a conference on Equality and family diversity.

Sunday May 4th, the Rainbow Parents Network will celebrate IFED 2014 with social public events setup in public places in different cities: Turin, Milan / Bergamo / Mantova, Florence, Padova, Rome, and other locations that will be announced shortly.

This year, Rete Genitori Rainbow (Rainbow Parents Network – the Italian association in support of LGBT parents with children from heterosexual relationships http://www.genitorirainbow.it/ ) has chosen to put the emphasis on the multiplicity of family structures and their varied facets, particularly the emotional and interpersonal aspects which take into account all family members: lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transexuals and transgender parents and their children, as well as the heterosexual ex- partners and parents, the new partners, grandparents, grandchildren and other inclusive family members.

The natural diversity of family structures is now a given: even strictly heterosexual families nowadays are composed of very diverse profiles, thus creating a unique family structure the boundaries of which are often hazy. The concept of “Plural families” is the one closest to the concept of “Network” where different people are bond together and know that they can rely on one other, collectively building real emotional galaxies which constitute the base of contemporary society.

Families, as seen through our experience, are the social weave common to all people who are bound to each other through emotional and parental ties, and who are brought together based on shared states of love and affection. These relationships often remain unrecognized and unprotected by our laws, generating the solidarity of people who share the same experience, thereby contributing to the fortification and growth of our relationships and family ties.The plurality and diversity of sexual orientation, gender identity, emotivity in our families, allow each family member to express their individual personality without restraint or rejection ; this acceptance in turn encourages each persons’s individual expression of self, thus maximizing the growth of each member within his/her full human dimension, as recognized by scientists.

For these reasons, as participants in the IFED 2014, Rainbow Parents Network will host on Saturday May 3rd and Sunday May 4th, multiple discussion groups on topics inherent to the emotional bonds, diverse forms of parenting and different relationship profiles in our society.

Round tables will be organized in several different cities, with people sharing their diverse experiences in collaboration with many networks, groups and associations:

Turin – Rainbow Generations: a path linking rainbow grandparents, parents and their children .

Genoa – T* Rainbow Parents : gender identity and parental roles .

Florence – Sexuality and Taboos: rainbow parents meet the leather community: Fetishism and BDSM practices within the context of love-based relationships.

Rome – “What ‘s lies beyond the “Rainbow Mill”?” Lesbians, gays, trans*, queer, polyemotional, polyamourous… an opportunity to share stories and experiences.

Famiglie Arcobaleno: Festa delle Famiglie 2014

Famiglie Arcobaleno, the Italian association of homosexual parents, will make IFED ( the International Family Equality Day) coincide with the 6th edition of its main annual event, the Festa delle Famiglie, a nationwide celebration of families of all kinds, a moment of assemblage of people that believe in and recognise themselves in an inclusive and sharing society.
The Festa delle Famiglie is a day-long jamboree of games, tales, music and street theatre with the aim of celebrating all families and providing fun for their children.

This year the event has a special meaning. Differently from the previous years, it will take place only in one city, in Florence on Sunday the 4th of May.  The 2014 celebration is the result of an increasing need by Famiglie Arcobaleno to gather as many people as possible in a large National event. The National Festa delle Famiglie will give to homosexual parents a larger visibility, in addition to those positive energies and new strengths to keep fighting for the recognition and protection of our children and partners’ rights.

This year the Festa delle Famiglie will be an extraordinary meeting point between very different groups and agencies, brought together to make an important statement for equality and inclusion in society. The partner organizations will be some of Italy’s major progressive organizations: Coordinamento Genitori Democratici, the only major lay association of parents in Italy founded almost forty years ago; Legambiente, Italy’s foremost environmentalist association, and Amnesty International, among others.
The Festa delle Famiglie is an event of joy that brings together all citizens and associations to tear down the walls of hate and prejudice.

The event will take place as follows:

1-    10:30 am: Gathering of Famiglie Arcobaleno and supporting families coming from all over Italy at Piazza degli Strozzi, Florence. Speeches by homosexual parents, representatives of partner organizations, as well as experts focused on these issues will take place. In the mean time children will play traditional street games organised only for them.
2-    12.00 pm: Together with a music band and street artists, the parade will go to the Kennedy Foundation and Piazza delle Murate, passing through downtown Florence.
3-    1:00 pm: Press Conference at the Kennedy Foundation. In the meantime a picnic will start in the adjacent areas.
4-    During the afternoon Piazza delle Murate and the Kennedy foundation will be captured by children and families that will be part of races, games and shows.

For further information please check the event website www.festadellefamiglie.it or contact info@festadellefamiglie.it


4. May 2014
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Rete Genitori Rainbow (RGR)
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Turin, Milan / Bergamo / Mantova, Florence, Padova, Rome, and other locations, Italy + Google Map
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