Evgenia Manina, IFED Board Member

My name is Evgenia Manina,
I live in St. Petersburg.

I work in the Russian LGBT Network, one of the largest LGBT organizations in Russia. I live in a same-sex family, we have 2 children with a partner. In 2016, the Russian LGBT Network and the LGBT Initiative Group “Coming out” held in St. Petersburg, Russia, the first IFED. I was very happy to be part of this event.

Now the situation in Russia with LGBT families is not very good. But I believe that one day everything will change for the better. I want all families in Russia and all over the world to have equal rights and opportunities. Now we are only at the very beginning of the way. But I believe that step by step we will be able to reach our goal. I am very glad that Russia is a part of the global movement for the equal rights for LGBT families.

I really want LGBT families and LGBT families and LGBT families with children in Russia to feel safe and have equal rights.

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