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Toni Reis and David Harrad met in London in 1990.

Toni Reis and David Harrad met in London in 1990. They’ve lived together ever since as a gay couple. Toni is Brazilian and David is English. They have lived in Curitiba, Brazil, since 1992. Toni is a prominent LGBTI rights activist. Their story has been one of fighting for equal rights. In 1996 David faced deportation because Brazil did not […]

A happy rainbow family!

Sara and I have been in love for the past 13 years. Very soon in our relationship we talked about having a child together and imagine all the wonderful things we would do with him/her. We signed a civil contract (2007) but it was not enough for us so we organize our own, not legal, wedding in 2008 with 100 […]

Pen Pals With President Obama

When our daughter Sophia was 10 years old, she came downstairs and announced to her Papi and me that she had written a letter to President Obama. Never did we think this incredibly emotional and authentic expression would change all of us forever. Sophia’s letter, and President Obama’s personal response back to her, was read around the world and landed […]

I’m coming out: I’m 51

When I was young, marriage was nowhere on my list. Not in my love life, not in my political life, and certainly not in my family life. The question from Auntie Georgie (gender neutrality intended) "And when are YOU getting married?" was forever dreaded, unanswered and unanswerable. What could you say? "Not until I can marry my boyfriend" was not [...]

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