Greetings from Japan, 5 May 2013

May 5, 2013 Japan’s First International Equality Day

Even though Japanese laws are behind and still ignore the existences of LGBT individuals, the number of LGBT families who are raising children is increasing and gradually becoming more open about it in Japan.

We had our first International Family Equality Day picnic in Yoyogi, Tokyo. It was also held as a collaborated event with “Rainbow Week”, which is one of the biggest LGBT events in Japan. More than 50 people, including LGBT families, people hoping to have children, and LGBTQ and the friends got together and enjoyed the picnic in the wonderful weather. It was a great opportunity for the families to interact with one another, and to help their children (aged 1 to 17) to connect with others in the same community.

Since it was our first International Family Equality Day picnic, not many people knew about our event here in Japan. However, it was encouraging to know that many LGBT families around the world were gathering for this event on the same day. We hope that many more people will know about this day and come out to celebrate with LGBT families both here in Japan and globally.


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