IFED 2019: A source of strength and motivation

Across the globe, the first Sunday of May marked the joyful celebration of the 8th International Family Equality Day – and the continuation of a success story.

International Family Equality Day – an awareness day that celebrates the beauty and richness of family diversity and furthers equality for everyone. Since its humble beginnings in 2012, the IFED has not only grown into a worldwide movement that nowadays is being held in more than 110 cities in over 50 countries. It has also been recognized and supported by countless institutions and organizations, with the Council of Europe calling it “an important tool to promote a tolerant and cohesive society”.

The goal: equal rights for everyone

“We are very happy with and grateful for the IFED’s development”, says IFED Board Member Andrea Rivas (Argentina). “The fact that it has been ever-growing proves its unbroken resonance. In many countries, there is still much progress to be made until rainbow families – and LGBTIQ* in general – enjoy the same rights as everyone else.”

Better together

This need for progress and change was expressed in this year’s motto “United We Stand”. “Unity is a powerful source of strength and motivation”, says IFED-Co-President Derricia Castillo-Salazar from Belize. “In a joint effort, we stand up for diversity and equal rights for all families. We share love, care and commitment – both within our own families as well as in our communities across the countries, thereby creating an environment of mutual support where we all can feel safe and flourish.” It is this attitude that unites the IFED-family. “We are a worldwide coalition and help each other out”, explains Saulo Amorim from the Associação Brasileira de Famílias Homotransafetivas (ABRAFH). “In Brazil, we are happy to celebrate with the global community.”

Countless ways of participating

Each year, diversity is also expressed in the way the IFED is being held around the globe. In Belize, for example, the IFED-community celebrated this year’s edition with a Family Fun Day in Placencia, Belize. In Munich, rainbow families and friends met in a get-together with cake, coffee and clowns, while in Rostov-on-Don, a ecopicnic “with games, sport activities, delicious food and zero plastic waste” was organized. “This”, says Maivon Wahid IFED-Co-President from Fiji, “is part of the beauty of IFED. Everyone can contribute and be part of it”.

Media contacts:
Derricia Jael (IFED Co-President, Belize): WhatsApp +501-623-6062
Maivon Wahid (IFED Co-President, Fiji): +679 900 86 58
Andrea Rivas (IFED Board-Member, Argentina): +54 9 11 5401 3679
Saulo Amorin ( Associação Brasileira de Famílias Homotransafetivas – ABRAFH): +55 021 998 438 352

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In 2023 IFED was celebrated in 258 Towns in 78 Countries. Greetings to all LGBTIQ* Families, related, friends, activists out there.

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