International Family Equality Day 2019: A united front!

Join in the celebration of the International Family Equality Day at the beginning of May! This year’s motto emphasizes the strength in standing united and supporting each other.

Seven years ago, the International Family Equality Day (IFED) was founded as an LGBTIQ*-awareness day celebrating the precious diversity of every type of family and promoting equality for everyone. What started out small has grown into a worldwide movement: this year’s edition of the IFED – taking place on the 5th of May – will be commemorated in about 50 countries and over 100 cities all over the world.

A united front

Under the motto “United We Stand”, the IFED 2019 emphasizes the motivation and strength that grow from standing together and supporting one another.  “It can be incredibly powerful when people are united in a cause”, says IFED-Board member Andrea Rivas (Argentina). “The upcoming celebration of this special day will send out a joyful message of encouragement.”

The value of allies

With this year’s motto, the IFED-family also honors its allies. “Over the last years, we have been able to build valuable relationships with numerous cities, organizations and institutions that work with us towards more open and diverse societies”, explains IFED Co-President Maivon Wahid (Fiji). “We are both proud of and grateful for these alliances.”

Belize: IFED-celebration with special event

Be it with small gatherings, picnics and parties in public parks or private backyards, be it with demonstrations drawing many people, the IFED can be marked in countless ways. For Co-President Derricia Castillo-Salazar (Belize), this is part of the beauty of the IFED. “Everyone can contribute to our fight for justice and equal rights.” In her home country Belize, the first ever Family Equality Symposium will be held on May 5th. “We look forward to the event and its positive impact on rainbow families both in Belize as well as in other countries where LGBTIQ*-people do not yet enjoy the same rights as the majority of the population.”

France: important year ahead

One of these countries is France. “2019 will be decisive for French LBGTIQ* families”, explain Natacha and Sara (France), founders of the project “Love makes a family”. “A law will be discussed that would allow assisted procreation for all women”, says Natacha. “As of today, lesbian women still have to go abroad for these procedures.” Furthermore, the law would introduce the automatic legal recognition of the non-biological parent as the child’s second mother. For Natacha and Sara, this year’s IFED-festivities will therefore be the perfect opportunity to give visibility to rainbow families in their country. “We are excited! There will be events in Paris as well as in Toulouse – join and be a part of it!”

Media contacts:
Derricia Jael (IFED Co-President, Belize): WhatsApp +501-623-6062
Maivon Wahid (IFED Co-President, Fiji): +679 900 86 58
Andrea Rivas (IFED Board-Member, Argentina): +54 9 11 5401 3679
Natacha (Love makes a family, France): +33 769 54 81 0

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In 2022 IFED was celebrated in 237 Towns in 71 Countries. Greetings to all LGBTIQ* Families, related, friends, activists out there.

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