International Family Equality Day (IFED) 2023: Power up families!

With the motto “Power up families”, this year’s IFED calls on all families to embrace their uniqueness and to stand up to claim equality and justice. Join in the 12th edition of IFED and help powering up all types of families!

Since 2012, the 1st Sunday of May has marked the annual celebration of the International Family Equality Day (IFED) – a unique LGBTIQ* awareness day focusing on the importance of equality and family diversity. This is year is no exception: Under the motto “Power up families”, the IFED 2023 encourages everyone to support, accept, value and take care of each other. By doing so, we strengthen individuals, families, and entire communities.

The beauty of mutual empowerment

This year’s IFED celebration emphasizes the fact that families can only thrive when their members intentionally commit and contribute to the wellbeing of the family. “By sharing our time, goals, challenges and memories and through open and honest communication, we power up our families”, says IFED-founder Maria von Känel (Switzerland), adding that “by making our families stronger, our families make us stronger in return. We all need to welcome and respect our differences and cultivate our readiness to grow together – both in the context of our families as well as in society in general.”

Affirming family and society empowerment and join marriage equality advocates

This year, IFED wants to encourage everyone—not just LGBTIQAN+ individuals—to work toward a more just and equitable world that supports diverse families. “By listening to the voices, addressing challenges and ensuring power sharing, we power up families,” says IFED Co-President Matcha Phorn-In (Thailand). “We can all recognize that family is the foundation of society, and that in order to remain safe, we must be, inclusive and accepting. This is only realizable when we nurture and foster a culture of human rights that are affirming in practice and by the laws and policies that govern us.

“Therefore, marriage equality and family equality that I, a member of the LGBTIQAN+ community, and our allies advocate for are great and a powerful tools on the path to ensuring protections for parents and youth.

A global responsibility

Celebrating IFED, is not only meant to empower and strengthen rainbow families, it’s messages of inclusion and equality aim at getting everyone involved, especially law- and decisionmakers as well as leading institutions both in the public and private sector. “In order to thrive, all types of families, including Rainbow Families need legal recognition and economic security”, says IFED Co-President Benny Odongo (Kenya). “We therefore demand equal support of every individual family and strive for a society where diversity is not seen as a threat, but as a sign of justice, strength, and beauty. We know that this is the world where everybody can fully develop their individual and true potential.”

Be a part of IFED, be a part of change

There are countless ways of getting involved – get inspired and become a part of the joy- and colorful IFED family!

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In 2023 IFED was celebrated in 258 Towns in 78 Countries. Greetings to all LGBTIQ* Families, related, friends, activists out there.

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