Two main events for family equality

Two years after its launch, IFED returns to Geneva to hold its General Assembly and to partner with GIN-SSOGIE for a side-event at the 43rd session of the Human Rights Council to further universal recognition and respect of all families in Geneva.

March 19th will be an exciting and important day for the worldwide promotion of family equality: First of all, the NGO “International Family Equality Day” (IFED) will hold its General Assembly. Second of all, IFED and the “Global Interfaith Network for People of All Sexes, Sexual Orientations, Gender Identities and Expressions” (GIN-SSOGIE) will co-host the UN-side event “The Recognition and Respect of Families”, held during the 43rd session of the Human Rights Council, and co-sponsored by South Africa and Switzerland. Both events are set to take place in Geneva.

Family Diversity and Human Rights

With the UN-side event, IFED and GIN-SSOGIE aim at providing information and fostering discussion regarding the varied realities of family life all over the globe. “It is our objective to make family diversity more visible and thereby represent experiences and realities from rainbow families in different regional, cultural and religious contexts. Static and limited definitions and concepts of family are harmful and undermine our efforts to promote human rights. This is one of many issues that we strive to illustrate and push to be taken into consideration by decision- and policy-makers.” says IFED CO-president Derricia Castillo-Salazar. Simon Petitjean, GIN-SSOGIE Programme Manager continues: “Various forms of families and community building are an intrinsic part of all cultures and traditions around the world, and have been throughout History. The international human rights system must continue to protect them and all the individuals who are part of them”

Forging alliances and connections

The upcoming event will be the perfect opportunity to do so. “We are looking forward to welcome numerous representatives from Permanent Missions to the UN, UN agencies as well as civil society organizations”, says IFED Board Member Benny Odongo (Kenya). “We are optimistic that the moderated discussion and the personal exchange of experiences with our partners will not only strengthen our coalitions with them, but also further enhance their efforts to advocate for broad and inclusive definitions of family.”

Participation and motivation

After the side event, the IFED Board cordially will host the organization’s annual General Assembly. Members from all over the world will get together, look back on past challenges and achievements as well as discuss and agree on future actions plans. One of the main items on the agenda is the election of the new IFED Board members. “We are thrilled to welcome four new candidates from Australia, Russia, Kenya and the USA”, says IFED Board Member Maria von Känel (Switzerland). To her, the fact that there are four distinguished activists from four different continents up for election is not only another sign for the successful development of the International Family Equality Day. “It is also strong motivator to continue our efforts in fighting for just societies, fair laws and equality. ”

Find all the details on the IFED General Assembly and the UN-side event “The Recognition and Respect of Families” under the following links: For extensive background information on IFED and GIN-SSOGIE, go to and

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