IFED Celebration Russia, Saint-Petersburg

"Coming Out" LGBT-group and "Rainbow future" kris@comingoutspb.ru, Saint-Petersburg

LGBT – initiative group “Coming Out” and initiative group “Rainbow Future” celebrate for the first time IFED in Saint-Petersburg. We want to present our program! 13-00 Opening the celebration 13-10 IFED’s story, video from difference countries 13-30 Story of my family, interesting photos 14-00 Discussion about LGBT-families in Russia 14-15 Skype with Moscow 14-25 Skype with Zurich 14-30 Family art […]

IFED Celebration Saint-Petersburg 2017, Russia

#IFED2017 #IDAHOT #comingoutspb Saint-Petersburg, Russia Dear friends! Soon in lots of countries of the world the IFED will be celebrated (International Family Equality Day). What is this celebration about? This holiday is about LGBTI-parents' pride, it's about their love to their children and partners, it's about the equal quality and the equivalency of the LGBTI-FAMILIES as well as the hetero […]

IFED2018 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

"Coming Out" LGBT-group and "Rainbow future" kris@comingoutspb.ru, Saint-Petersburg

LGBT initiative group "Coming Out", initiative group "Rainbow Future" with support of Russian LGBT Network invite to the 3rd celebration of IFED in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. A merry holiday for LGBT families and their friends!  

IFED2019 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

For the fourth time we are celebrating IFED in Saint-Petersburg, Russia! Safe place, baloons, pies, magician, laughter and joy are waiting for you! LGBT initiative group "Coming Out", Russian LGBT-network, Initiative Group "Rainbow Future"


IFED-2021 in Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

"Coming Out" LGBT-group and "Rainbow future" kris@comingoutspb.ru, Saint-Petersburg

IG Rainbow Future, Russian LGBT-network, Coming Out LGBT Group welcome to celebrate IFED-2021 in Saint-Petersburg (Russia)!

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In 2022 IFED was celebrated in 237 Towns in 71 Countries. Greetings to all LGBTIQ* Families, related, friends, activists out there.

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