Greetings from Greece, 5 May 2013


On Sunday, April 28, 2013 the NGO “Ouranio Tokso Families” (Rainbow Families) held at the Academy of Plato Park the” Celebration of Families “, a new institution that goes beyond any social stereotype that appeals to all kinds of families. The young and old ones that responded to the call started to set up tables and chairs, to inflate balloons and to decorate the space with colors. The “family” became bigger and bigger as the time passed by. There were moms and dads, aunts and godfathers, friends, nephews and godchildren. We played various interactive games, watched theatrical events, we left our palm imprints in our banner, and we ate a colorful cake, drank refreshing juices and cheerfully wrote and sang just-for-fun rhymes. At the end, all families became a single and big one and we cut a colorful cake celebrating the first year of our group.

See you next year!


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